I'm basically a "tinkerer."  I like to play with solar
power and many other things...

I have way too many projects going on and not nearly enough money to
develop any of them to their fullest.
have trouble with some web pages that use tracking cookies for filling out
surveys, IE7 has an annoying pop-up that comes up EVERY time I move
my mouse and I have to click OK or the close X about 10 times for every
the surveys.
mail folder IE7 gives me an error on the page that IE6 never gave.

If I could go back to IE6 I would.. guess I'll have to wait for Vista with its'
web browser.

Oh, I use Mozilla Firefox a LOT more now too!  But I have a fingerprint pad
that does not work with Firefox and I have to type all of my ID's and
Passwords in manually (what a pain after getting used to just putting my
finger on the pad and automatically getting logged on! LOL!)