Some time ago it occurred to me that I should be putting links to more web pages that I find
interesting.  I try to visit only G rated web pages but occasionally I end up liking one with a
bit of crudity or blood/guts/gore for some odd reason, usually for humor or for raw
information.  I have an interest in Photography and I like to look at interesting pictures of
children, cats, animals, people, scenery, etc with some hopes of learning how to improve my
own photography skills.  I also like to read Blogs about many different subjects and
interests.  I can (and have) spend hours on Pinterest, Blog Spot, Reddit, Tumblr, or
YouTube.  Many things that I have seen are just run-of-the-mill pages like mine.  But, others
stand out with a quality of organization and writing that is noteworthy in my opinion.  
Therefore I have created this page so that I can present SOME of the better finds on the
Internet.  OH! Wait! First I will give you some links to my own lame attempts to be creative!  
You may find something of interest in any one of them, or not.  But the only pages I can feel
TOTALLY confident in recommending to you are my own.  After all, my pages are the only
ones that I can control any of the content (I cannot control the advertising on my Blogs or
YouTube, etc).
My Presence on the Internet; Blogs, Videos, Web Pages, Chat.
I sporadically maintain several Internet Blogs.  Each one has a different theme.  One that I use for posting items of interest, for
doing more serious complaining about the world in general, or an occasional posting of an item of goodness and rarity is my
WordPress Blog at
You probably have a "To Do" list like mine.  Ever growing and never shrinking.  I have joined with many others in making an
online and public list;
22 Things To Do as an attempt to actually get SOME things done.  There is a link on the page to the
original "22 Things To Do" website so you can join us in organizing our lives (if that is really possible for me).  The object is to
keep a Blog of what you have done, and the changes you make in your list.  I have found that reading the lists only adds to the
number of things that I SHOULD put on my own list!
I can be found on Twitter under @ThomOlsen.  You will probably find nothing that I say of interest since I only make smart
remarks and rarely provide any useful information.
I have found the website Pinterest to be useful for posting or re-posting pictures of things that I like on the Internet. You can find
my own interests at  I post many of my own photos there.  The problem with Pinterest is that you
will see the SAME pictures posted many times because everyone tends to copy/post the same ones.
Other than this website and my access to the Internet, Every other account or page that I have on the Internet is FREE.
I occasionally post a video on YouTube at NesloMot Videos .  My current project is taking pictures of my own neighborhood and
putting the pictures together as a video.  The  project is similar to the videos you see where "So-and-So takes a picture every
day for a year" only mine is taking 500 pictures in one day.  I am making two versions of the same video, one is normal and the
other is an Anaglyph 3D video (you need red/cyan glasses to view it in 3D).  There was a major fire in our neighborhood that
burned a dozen or so homes.  I wish that I had gotten around to those homes before they burned.  I did post a video of the
homes after the fire.
Another of my Blogs, this one is more of a Photo blog where I put up a picture or two and talk about them.  I named the blog
after our having 4 cats but the blog is not just about our cats.  One of our cats weighs in at around 25 to 27 pounds, so my blog
is named
For 4 and 1/2 Cats
Another Blog is aimed at crafting.  Currently there is only one article on it about how I cut up 3 liter bottles to use in my
gardening projects.  I have quite a large collection of plastic sheets obtained by cutting the center portion of the 3 liter bottles
and I plan on building a machine to form the plastic into something useful using heat elements and a vacuum table where I
can place molds that the heated plastic will form around.  Right now, only the gardening use is posted but I will be adding
more soon at
TomOlsen on Squidoo