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Minecraft Notes & Info
Minecraft 1.8.8 Commands
Note:  This WebSite is under CONSTANT construction.  I try to perform a
monthly test of all links provided
These Commands will give items to the nearest player:

**************************** Special **************************************
Command Blocks are capable of performing commands that cannot be done in
the Chat line.  Command Blocks need to be "triggered" to perform the
programmed command.  I use a stone button on the face of the block to
trigger it.  Command blocks are redstone devices, they interfere with each
other if placed adjacent. I set up several command blocks to give items that
I regularly use/make.  That way, if one gets broken/worn, I can just click
the button on the command block and get another one.  You can have a Command
Block perform commands on an item that the player is holding, like enchant a
tool with "Unbreaking X" or perhaps Silk Touch.

Give player 64 Command Blocks
/give @p command_block 64

Give Player Diamond Helmet with Unbreaking X, Respiration IV, Aqua Afinity X, Projectile Protection X:
     Note: This command line works only with a Command Block, it it too long for chat.
/give @p minecraft:diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10},{id:5,lvl:4},{id:6,lvl:10},{id:4,lvl:10}]}
******************** Game Starting Commands **************************************

/gamerule doEntityDrops true
/gamerule mobGriefing false
/gamerule keepInventory true
/gamerule doMobLoot true

t/gamemode 1
t/gamemode 0
/tp <playername> x y z

********************************** Chests ************************
Give player 64 Ender Chests:
/give @p ender_chest 64

***************************** Heads *************************************
Give player 1 Skeleton Head
/give @p skull

Give player 1 Wither Head
/give @p skull 1 1

Give player 1 Zombie Head
/give @p skull 1 2

Give player 1 Steve Head
/give @p skull 1 3

Give player 1 Creeper Head
/give @p skull 1 4

****************************** Stone ************************************

Give player 64 Granite
/give @p stone 64 1

Give player 64 Polished Granite
/give @p stone 64 2

Give player 64 Diorite
/give @p stone 64 3

Give player 64 Polished Diorite
/give @p stone 64 4

Give player 64 Andesite
/give @p stone 64 5

Give player 64 Brick Slabs. These are the red brick slabs.
/give @p stone_slab 64 4

Give player 64 Stone Bricks (previously Smooth Stone Brick)
/give @p minecraft:stonebrick 64

Give player 64 Mossy Stone Brick
/give @p minecraft:stonebrick 64 1

*************************** Nether Items ***************************************
Give player 64 Nether Stars
/give @p nether_star 64

Give player 64 Nether Wart
/give @p nether_wart 64

**************************** Armor **************************************

Give Player Diamond Helmet with Unbreaking X, Respiration IV, Aqua Afinity X, Projectile Protection X:
     Note: This command line works only with a Command Block, it it too long for chat.
/give @p minecraft:diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10},{id:5,lvl:4},{id:6,lvl:10},{id:4,lvl:10}]}

Give Player Diamond Chestplate with Unbreaking X, Projectile Protection X
/give @p minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10},{id:4,lvl:10}]}

Give Player Diamond Leggings with Unbreaking X, Projectile Protection X
/give @p minecraft:diamond_leggings 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10},{id:4,lvl:10}]}

Give Player Diamond Boots with Unbreaking X, Depth Strider X, Feather Falling X, Fire Protection X
/give @p minecraft:diamond_boots 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10},{id:8, lvl:10},{id:2,lvl:10},{id:1,lvl:10}]}

Enchantments: I have found that X is the max for most of these! Some are just T/F or 1/0
Enchantment Max Name
0  10 Protection protection
1  10 Fire Protection fire_protection
2  10 Feather Falling feather_falling
3  10 Blast Protection blast_protection
4  10 Projectile Protection projectile_protection
5  10 Respiration respiration NOTE: If you make this too high, your vision starts to white out.
     I found that lvl:3 works well.
6  10 Aqua Affinity aqua_affinity
7  10 Thorns thorns
8  10 Depth Strider depth strider
16 10 Sharpness sharpness
17 10 Smite smite
18 10 Bane of Arthropods bane_of_arthropods
19 10 Knockback knockback
20 10 Fire Aspect fire_aspect
21 10 Looting looting
32 10 Efficiency efficiency
33 1  Silk Touch silk_touch
34 10 Unbreaking unbreaking
35 10 Fortune fortune
48 10 Power power
49 10 Punch punch
50 10 Flame flame
51 1  Infinity infinity
61 10 Luck of the Sea luck_of_the_sea
62 10 Lure lure
70 1   Mending

***** Note ******
You can place each of these enchantments individually upon an item, BUT, some of them will be limited in their Level!
To Enchant an items: Hold the item in your hand, type /enchant @p ID LVL
Example: /enchant @p 70 1
       This will place Mending enchantment upon whatever Armor, Tool, or Weapon you are holding.

 Weapons and Tools  ***************************************
Give player a Bow with Infinity I, Unbreaking X, Looting X, Power X, Flame III, Mending
/give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {ench:[{id:51,lvl:1},{id:34,lvl:10},{id:21,lvl:10},{id:48,lvl:10},{id:50,lvl:3},{id:70,lvl:1}]}
      Note: The "/" in front of "give" is not needed for a command block, but it will still function.
      This command is too long to type into chat but you CAN program a Command Block with it!


/give @p minecraft:enchanted_book 1 0 {StoredEnchantments:[{id:0,lvl:4}]}

/give @p minecraft:enchanted_book 1 0 {StoredEnchantments:[{id:0,lvl:4}]}

********************************** Potions ***************************************
/give @p minecraft:potion # ID

Give Player 5 Underwater Breathing <extended> Potions
/give @p minecraft:potion 5 8269
********************************** Teleport ***************************************

/tp -663.3 29 583.5
I like to play Minecraft in Single Player mode, with the Cheats turned ON.

I normally start out on my own, but once I have gathered the basic tools, and
minerals (like diamonds) then I use the cheats to do things much faster.   I turn
off Mob Griefing damage, and set it so I don't lose my inventory if I die.  I also
like to play with Command Blocks.  I've looked up a LOT of information on the
Minecraft Wiki pages but always had problems using the "Give" command. I have
experimented with it in order to give myself enchanted items, or hard to find
items, etc.  Here are some of the more common commands that I use either on
the Chat line, or, if the command is too long for Chat, then I program a
Command Block with it.  You have to have cheats enabled to use the
"/give @p command_block 64" command which gives you 64 of them to play with.
You have to be in "/gamemode 1" to program the Command Block. Then you can
change back to "/gamemode 0" to play.