Damoria and AutoIt
I recently started playing a free online Browser game called Damoria.  In Damoria you are
playing with/against people from all over the world.  You get two weeks to build up your first
castle (not sure about any subsequent castles) without being attacked. Below is a screenshot
of the "Buildings" page.  This is where you build up the buildings in your Castle.  As far as I
can tell, the higher the level of the building, the faster it produces it's product or the more
protection it provides or both (depends upon the building). You can create improvements on
a maximum of two buildings at a time if you have the required resources.

The game offers "auto-builders" that you can hire (I think they are called "Master builders" or
something like that) but they cost gold which so far is hard to get.  You get 1 gold per day that
you log in and play.  You get 2 gold for clicking on the advertisement banner each day. If you
want to "instant build" something, it costs you 3 gold. So basically, you can instantly build one
item each day if you login and click the banner.

Each building that you improve takes time to build the improvement. If you look in the first
figure below, you will find a section called "Building Contract" which has two items in it being
improved. "Military training area" is at level 2 and being improved to level 3 which will take
another 11 minutes and 22 seconds.  The "Mine" is at level 20 and being improved to level 21
which will take another 47 minutes and 55 seconds. The time required to improve each
building increases as that building gains levels. After a while, some of them will take HOURS
or DAYS to build.  As you can see, I only have one gold so the command to "build now" is
grayed out.
Figure 1