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Below are links to sites created by others that I have found interesting.  My own
websites are listed on my WebNotes page.
Author Brian Meeks' Website where he keeps a blog. Brian
is @ExtremelyAvg on Twitter.  I found his Blog very interesting and his book "Two
Decades and Counting" is the second sports book that I have purchased in my 60 year
life (the other book is a sports almanac for 1969).  I loved his book so much that I bought
an autographed copy.  He is also the author of "Henry Wood Detective Agency" mystery
books (which I have purchased but have not had a chance to read them yet)
Another Blogger that I follow on Twitter is @MrsPickle_  and you can find her blog which I read nearly every day.  I think you should check
it out.
Note:  This WebSite is under CONSTANT
construction.  I try to perform a monthly test of all
links provided
Too many Blogs to comment on each one, Most are people Blogs that I found from links of people I follow on Twitter.  I
recommend you check out the Blog and let them know what you think (what you like, dislike, etc, not just ranting about how you
could do better).  If you CAN do better, then just DO IT!  Wait, even if you can't do better, you can still give it a try! *GriN*  Twitter @Sarah_Allan (She explained a Haiku so even I can understand it now).  Randy Bayne Photographer, Twitter @arbayne  or  Twitter @piggusbiggus Twitter @Jayneymoo  Twitter @micheal_rivers Twitter @natzers Twitter @vexmand  Twitter @AskDocG

My Pet Peeves Twitter @mypetpeeveslist  Twitter @CiaraBallintyne
I have always been a Science and Math kind of person but with an interest in the arts.  I can easily learn science and math but
any kind of art education has eluded me quite successfully.  I had resolved myself to the realm of drawing only stick figures for
any people that I drew in my experiment papers or other illustrations that I included in anything I did.  Recently I discovered
some very good "How to draw ... " tutorials on YouTube done by Mark Crilley.  Here is the link that I now keep in my Favorites
folder of my browser:
Mark Crilley YouTube Videos on "How to draw ... "   I have found his videos very instructive on drawing
realistic people, faces, hands, etc.  So far there are 79 videos.  He also has books in print that you can get from